ChatGPT & MidJourney Unleashed For Business
(4-Week LIVE Course Begins Thursday, June 29th)
All Trainings Are Recorded

Module 1: Chat GPT & MidJourney Foundations - Master the Basics
Primary Outcome: Students can comfortably navigate ChatGPT and MidJourney, utilize basic features, and create simple images, icons and illustrations.

Overview of ChatGPT 4 Interface and Basic Prompting (including Plugins and Browse Web functions)

Setting up a Discord Server and MidJourney account (required for Image Creation)

Navigating the interface and tools

Learning several basic structures of command prompts to create virtually any type of content

Module 2: Visual Building Blocks - Unleash Your Creativity with Midjourney
Primary Outcome: Students can create more complex and visually appealing images with Midjourney.

Understanding and utilizing layers and image elements

Exploring "Superhuman" command prompts

Experimenting with image styles and effects

Using Blend and Describe Midjourney prompts

Business use cases for social media, email and product placement

Module 3: Advanced ChatGPT Techniques - Supercharge Your Content Creation
Primary Outcome: Students can produce a wide range of content for business, including complete email follow up sequences, website landing/sales pages, social media content, product listings, speeches and presentations and more.

Train ChatGPT to create content in YOUR voice an/or your BRAND's voice

Create content for unlimited types of business use cases

Mastering the use of Plugins and Plugin Sets for business

Incorporating ChatGPT's "browse the web" feature for business

Module 4: Advanced Midjourney Techniques - Supercharge Your Visuals

Primary Outcome: Students can produce a wide range of visuals, including unique lifestyle scenes, products, and packaging, logos, using advanced techniques.

Generating unique scenes with characters, backgrounds, and products

Creating product and brand relevant content and social media

Mastering advanced command prompts and seed images for even more control

Incorporating other tools to modify, enhance and publish your visual content

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